Security & Safety

UPVC Double Glazing Security in Cardiff

Choosing the best security to keep you and your loved ones safe is made simple by Discount UPVC Windows.

Every window or door we install is equipped with the highest standard and quality security locks and we look at each aspect to make sure that we only provide a product that is not only safe, but durable and long lasting ensuring our customers receive the best value possible.

Door Security

With any home, the doors are always at the very heart of security and we use products to ensure that visitors are only the welcome ones.

  • 10 Point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind
  • 4 Pre-compression rollers allowing door to seal prior to hooks engaging for smooth operation
  • 3 Opposing steel hooks to maximise strength
  • 2 Anti-lift bolts preventing door lock being dislodged from keeps
  • 1 Centre latch for ease of day to day operation, incorporating dead-lock action when bolts and locks are engaged for added security
  • Unique rebated door hinge providing security with traditi0nal styling
  • 1 Piece steel keep for enhanced security
  • Fully adjustable roller housings ensuring ease of installation and extended service life
  • Trivalant silver finish for extended service life
  • Unique ergonomic modern handle design


Window Security

However important windows are to the style of any home, the security that they are able to offer is always the most important factor. Our windows use the shootbolt locking system, and are specially designed to improve both security and performance by taking the pressure away from the hinges, helping to ensure a longer life for your windows.

  • 8 Point locking system with unique corner drive design on all windows regardless of size
  • Unique full depth eurogroove lock-out design to enhance security and strength
  • 400% more shootbolt contact area with keep when compared to traditional flat shootbolts
  • Supaglide gear box action for ease of use, tested to 100,000 cycles (Equivalent to 30 years of heavy use)
  • Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond to achieve Secure by Design status
  • Adjustable locking rollers for smooth operation
  • 2 part composite keeps for enhanced security
  • Unique ergonomic modern handle design



If you would like to discuss the safety of your home, and how new windows or doors can help, then why not make an appointment? We will visit you on a day and time of your choosing, and will answer any questions you may have.