Composite Door Construction

Composite Door Construction - What they are constructed of


Composite Door Construction

If you’re a little unsure about the differences between UPVC and Composite doors, below is some information about the composite door construction and the benefits of using one in your home.


What is a composite door?

A composite door is an external grade door, made from a mixture of different materials instead of just one, for example wood or PVC.


What colours are they supplied in?

Colours can be selected to suit you and and your home. Usually, the outside of the door is coloured and the inside of the door is plain white.  By using plain white on the inside it helps to create a fresh and roomy feel. However, both the inside and outside of the door can be coloured to your choice.


Do I need to paint composite doors?

No. Composite doors are coloured by a 2mm GRP grained surface which is resistant to heat, warping and cracking and will never need painting. The GRP skin also has a high resistance to denting and scratching.


Are composite doors considered to be the best?

Yes. Composite doors are the latest addition to the range of doors available to customers and have been designed and build to address the flaws and weaknesses of doors that are made from only one type of material


How long will a composite door last?

According to research and manufacturer data, a composite door is expected to last for 35 years under normal usage. With all doors, we would recommend that all moving parts are oiled annually.


What are they made of?

The composite door construction is a mixture of steel, wood, PVC, GRP, foam and PVCu. Each material has been carefully selected for its purpose and the end result is a door that is strong, durable and long-lasting.


Are composite doors expensive?

No. They do cost more than the standard PVCu doors or plain wooden doors, but they do offer a better value for money due to their lifespan and durability.